The Bridge of Hope Neighborhood of Support
Is a Three-Way Partnership that Includes:

Family Facing Homelessness

A woman and her children facing homelessness. The family, with the support of their Case Manager and Neighboring Volunteers, works toward goals of acquiring safe and sustainable housing, building strong and resilient families, and creating supportive relationships with their Neighboring Volunteers.

Neighboring Volunteers

6 to 10 people from within a Christian faith community (church, Bible study, small group, etc.) who answer the call of Jesus to “love your neighbor.” With training from Bridge of Hope, these volunteers simply do life with a family facing homelessness by offering tangible and emotional support and encouragement as they engage with the family in faith and life.

Case Manager

A Case Manager is a professionally trained and experienced social worker who empowers the family facing homelessness by providing intensive case management, training, and support. This includes finding immediate rental housing, training in money management, and allocating rental assistance. They also encourage and equip both the family and the Neighboring Volunteers to build healthy, supportive relationships.