Spring 2019 Newsletter- My Story of Hope

June 30, 2019

Stability was something I never knew. I grew up in a broken home. I always felt uneasy. I never learned how to properly budget. Never had my own bed. Never had a place that was just mine. I grew up poor, very poor — no washer or running water poor.

I found myself pregnant and it seemed so unreal. I searched google for a place that would offer support and guidance. I needed to connect with someone who had no ties in my life and could help me deal with the reality of the situation and the unsettled feeling in my stomach. I stumbled upon Crossroads Pregnancy Care. It was refreshing to hear a kind voice on the phone. Crossroads gave me resources and support as I prepared for the birth of my son. Soon after he was born I found myself as a single mother in an impossible situation. Living on people’s couches and feeling like I was a bother. Some days I did not even know where I would sleep. My counselor at Crossroads prayed with me and helped me continue to grow in my faith in Jesus. I prayed for a room for my son, a place for him to grow and love. A place to make memories and a place to call our own. She also gave me a pamphlet on Bridge of Hope BuxMont and a Bible, two things that helped me a great deal.

I contacted Bridge of Hope BuxMont almost immediately and was accepted. It was a scary thought. Opening up my world and finances to someone who I did not know but had to trust. We found an apartment and through this program, we slowly grew more comfortable. This program opened up many doors for us and was very supportive. This program allowed us to make our own decisions regarding our finances, budget and other decisions only after allowing us to have all of the information we could. They suggested answers to problems but ultimately it was our decision. This method of learning helped me make informed decisions, which has helped me now as a graduate.

Through this program, I found something I never knew. Stability. I have a place to call my own and believe I made some friends along the way. I know where I am going to rest my head at night and my son knows where his home is. I have my own cups, rules, life and I even have some money in savings, which is nice. Thank you Bridge of Hope BuxMont!

~ Amanda, March 2019 Graduate

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Spring 2019 Newsletter- My Story of Hope